HCmed Innovations

HCmed Innovations is developing portable, vibrating-mesh neubilisers, including Pulmogine, able to nebulise solutions, suspensions, biologics, and high viscosity drugs. Its devices have received regulatory approvals in various territories including Europe, Taiwan, Brazil and Indonesia.

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HCmed Innovations Co Ltd
Rm B, 10F
No 319, Dunhua S Rd
Da-an District
Taipei City

HCmed Innovations is a drug-device combination company, focused on inhalation. It is developing vibrating mesh neubilisers, including Pulmogine, a mesh nebuliser supported by a customisation platform, able to nebulise different types of medication, such as solutions, suspensions, biologics, and high viscosity drugs.

The company completed the development of its first-generation portable mesh nebulisers in less than five years. Since 2017, its medical device has successfully received regulatory approvals in Europe, Taiwan, Brazil and Indonesia.  HCmed also collaborates with one of the world’s top pharma companies in Brazil. In the future, HCmed plans to build up its manufacturing facility in Wuxi, China, to co-operatively expand into China’s large healthcare market.

HCmed Innovations is privately held and was founded in 2014.


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