Issue No #27  July 1st, 2011

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Medusa: an Innovative Formulation Approach to Improve Pharmacokinetic & Safety Profiles of Biotherapeutics
Dr You-Ping Chan, Director of Chemistry & Analytical Research
Dr Remi Meyrueix, Director of Formulation of Injectable Platform
Camille Rivail, & Business Development Analyst
Dr Jean Chatellier, Vice-President Alliance Management
Flamel Technologies, SA
Novel Polymers for Enhancing Therapeutic Half-life & Drug Targeting
Dr Jill Ogden, Vice-President of Business Development
Dr Richard Palmer, Executive Chairman
Warwick Effect Polymers, Ltd
The IVECT Method: Intezyne�s Versatile Encapsulation & Crosslinking Technology as a Platform for Drug Delivery
Dr Adam Carie, Senior Scientist, Preclinical Development
Dr Jonathan Rios-Doria, Manager, Preclinical Studies
Dr Habib Skaff, CEO
Dr Kevin Sill, CSO
Intezyne, Inc
Enhanced Drug Delivery to the Brain: Safe & Versatile
Mr Willem van Weperen, CEO
Dr Pieter Gaillard, CSO
to-BBB technologies, BV

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