Napoleon Monroe is Managing Director of New Directions Technology Consulting, LLC. His diversified background extends from developing and producing emergency pharmaceutical delivery systems to managing private brands for a Fortune 500 company, to building and managing the IP portfolio for a company that is now part of Pfizer. His expertise includes product development, licensing, regulatory processes, risk management and international marketing, with experience managing business relationships in more than 30 countries.

As Vice-President of Corporate Brand Development for global healthcare distribution and service company Henry Schein, Inc, Mr Monroe was responsible for all aspects of the company’s private brands. He grew annual sales by more than 500% to more than US$500 million. While there, he also began filing medication telemanagement patents.

Before Henry Schein, Mr Monroe spent more than 20 years at Survival Technology (now the Meridian Medical Technologies division of Pfizer) where, as a Corporate Vice-President, he was responsible for product development and systems strategy. While at Survival, with colleagues he invented three medical devices that were patented and commercialised; two were for auto-injectors and one was for a transtelephonic, peak-flow monitoring device.

There, he also led teams that invented, prototyped, tested, commercialised and scaled-up such products as: the EpiPen, still the leading product for treatment of anaphylactic shock; the Antidote Treatment Nerve Agent Auto Injector delivery system, which still protects US and allied military and civilian personnel; and products that supported the formation of Shahal Medical Services in Israel (acquired by Shanghai Jiuchuan) and Raytel (now part of Philips in the US).

Mr Monroe has been cited in a number of industry publications. He is active in the Parenteral Drug Association, HIMSS, Prescription for a Healthy America, Health IT Now, National Defense Industrial Association and other groups. He is a longstanding member of the American Telemedicine Association. He supports East Carolina University where he did his undergraduate degree.

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