VIDEO: Credence Connect from Credence MedSystems

Credence MedSystems takes us through the use steps of its new Credence Connect™ autosensing injection system, and smartphone App.

Uniquely, the Credence Connect™  delivers automatic real-time injection monitoring to a prefilled syringe. It does so by incorporating the monitoring and transmission technology into a reusable ergonomic finger grip. The design of the grip improves usability of the syringe, while the reusability of the system promotes sustainability and cost containment.

The seamless communication of injection information throughout the injection provides the user real-time feedback without requiring additional actions. The universal functionality with all conventional prefilled syringes and elegant method of injection measurement broaden the areas of application and facilitate implementation for clinical studies and commercial uses alike.

Incorporation with the Credence App delivers reminders, guidance, feedback and historical data to the user while facilitating communication in the healthcare ecosystem.

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