Nephron Pharmaceuticals says current demand for its medications – inhalation solutions and suspension products that treat respiratory conditions – is surging and the company is shattering sales records.

The company’s announcement stated:

Nephron Can Produce 100 Million Doses/Month. Already Has Orders for 87 Million Doses for March: “Nephron Pharmaceuticals can produce about 100 million doses of its respiratory nebuliser solution a month. But in the first half of March it already has orders for 87 million doses.” (South Carolina Public Radio, 3/17/2020)

“Rock Solid In Our Preparation to Accommodate the Needs of America”: “A West Columbia pharmaceutical company is looking to expand its production as orders spike for treatments used to combat respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19, which is caused by the novel coronavirus. …The company has the inventory to handle orders, but wants to make sure it could to meet demands if needs continue to grow. …Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation usually produces about 85 million doses a month of inhalation solution used in nebulisers used to treat respiratory issues. Lou Kennedy, the CEO of the company said the company eight product lines are operating 24 hours a day year round. But just halfway through March, Kennedy said Nephron has orders for 87 million doses, running 48% higher than normal. … ‘We make sure to be very rock solid in our preparation to accommodate the needs of America,’ Kennedy said. (The State, 3/18/2020)

Nephron Pharmaceuticals – 1 of 2 Companies Making Respiratory Meds – Seeking FDA Approval to Ramp Up Production: Nephron Pharmaceuticals is seeking FDA approval to ramp up production of medicines used in the treatment of coronavirus or COVID-19. Lou Kennedy, president, CEO and co-owner of the West Columbia-based company, said that she had been in talks with the federal agency since December about bringing one to six new lines on production. Nephron is one of only two drug companies in the United States making the respiratory medications — bronchial dilators such as albuterol, sodium chloride and ipratropium bromide inhalation solutions and budesonide inhalation suspensions, and the only manufacturer of racemic epinephrine. (WLTX News 19, 3/17/2020)

FDA Approves Nephron To Make Hand Sanitiser: During a conference call Tuesday, Kennedy also said Nephron has received FDA approval to begin making its own hand sanitiser and ordered supplies to do so on Monday. “We will take care of the Nephron family first, and after we do that, we will look at should we go through churches, the Salvation Army, how can we help the community, and/or commercial production,” she said. “I’ve had at least six requests from various sales reps across the country. Hospitals are asking can we make that hand sanitiser for them.” The plan is to produce 50-litre batches of a strong, FDA recipe without fragrances or other diluting agents, Kennedy said. She said she will gift what is left over from the first batch, after Nephron employees and their families have been served, to local charities. (Columbia Business Report, 3/17/2020)

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